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Mom's DHA Test Kit


Key features

  • Collect Sample: A simple finger prick test will draw a drop of blood.

  • Mail Sample: The drop is mailed to OmegaQuant, where omega-3 status will be assessed.

  • Get Results: Results will be sent to the email address provided within one to two weeks.

  • Modify Diet: Dietary modifications may be recommended to help increase our score (if it is low).

  • Keep With It and Monitor Level: It typically takes about 3-4 months to increase our level. Monitor progress by taking a Mom's DHA Test every 4-6 months.

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Health benefits

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The Mom's DHA Test measures the amount of the omega-3 DHA in red blood cell membranes. Knowing our prenatal DHA level is important because pregnant women with higher DHA blood levels are less likely to have early preterm birth. DHA also plays an important role in our baby's brain, vision, and immune system health and development. The Mom's DHA Test requires a simple finger prick, which draws a drop of blood. The drop is mailed to OmegaQuant, a leading provider of nutritional status tests. Results will be provided within 1-2 weeks, which will include dietary recommendations to help us reach the desirable prenatal DHA range (if our level is low). With the right diet choices, we can modify our prenatal DHA level in as little as 3-4 months.



Adults: Complete the test, and mail the sample to the provided address.
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