Sustainable From the Inside Out

At Carlson, we’re as committed to the environment as we are to the high quality of our products. The full Carlson product line is recyclable and 100% plastic neutral. To date, we’ve helped remove more than 1/4 million pounds of plastic from our global waterways – the very source of some of our most popular products.

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INSIDE: Our omega-3s are made with pure, potent oil sourced from wild-caught fish.

Since we helped launch the omega-3 market in North America in 1982, we have always used low-impact fisheries with ethical practices and sustainable methods. The fish we use to make our products are quickly and easily replenished due to the natural fish lifecycle. Carlson and our suppliers also hold Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification. FOS is a non-profit organization whose mission is marine habitat conservation.

OUTSIDE: All Carlson supplement bottles are recyclable, but we’re going one step further.

Carlson offsets the plastic in our products through investments in certified plastic removal projects taking place in our global waterways. We work with 21 fishing ports, 229 fishing vessels, and 1,300 fishermen and women collecting, recycling, upcycling – and integrating plastic back into the circular economy.

3rd-Party Awards & Certifications

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You can help make a difference

For every Carlson product purchased, we’ll remove the same amount of plastic waste from our waterways, giving the purchase a net-zero plastic footprint – so we can all play a part in contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.

Our partners in reaching plastic net zero

Carlson partners with IMPACT COLLECTIVE for our sustainable packaging efforts. IMPACT COLLECTIVE is a group of forward-thinking brands committed to taking immediate and positive environmental action. Together, we’re empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet, while providing the same high-quality products.

Look for the Reduced Plastic seal on Carlson products

Our work is far from finished. Join us in our mission to clean up our global waters. Look for the Reduced Plastic seal on the back of Carlson products, and please recycle your bottle.

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sustainability, sustainable packaging, sustainable forestry initiative, recycled bottles, recycled packaging, recyclable

Packaging for the Planet

Carlson display boxes are Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. SFI is a non-profit organization that was created to promote responsible forest management and to ensure that tree-based products were grown and harvested in sustainable ways. SFI guidelines include requirements to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and at-risk species. To be certified, forest operations must undergo independent audits by accredited certification bodies. SFI is committed to continuously advancing sustainable forest management. It's one more step in our sustainable packaging initiative.