Lutein & Greens

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  • Promotes and maintains healthy vision
  • 20 mg of lutein and naturally occurring zeaxanthin
  • 260 mg of kale and spirulina
  • Potency and quality guaranteed
  • *This product does not ship to California due to Prop 65*

Lutein & Greens provides lutein and naturally occurring zeaxanthin in a base of kale and spirulina. Lutein and zeaxanthin are major carotenoids found in the retina's macular region, an area vital to healthy vision. Studies suggest high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in eye tissue are associated with healthy vision, which is why a diet rich in these antioxidants is often recommended. Kale and spirulina support and promote optimal vision and immune system function.


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Lutein & Greens helping my eyes
Written by FAS on Apr 7th 2022

I have been taking Lutein and Greens for a while now. I feel like this product really has been supporting my eye health for the last few years. With having to be on a screen more and more it is really helping.

Lutein & Greens
Written by Cynthia M on Apr 5th 2022

Between being on the computer all day for work and cataracts running in my family, I feel that Lutein & Greens is my best option to support my vision health for as long as possible!

Lutein & Greens
Written by Francis Lapid on Apr 1st 2022

Since i started taking this product, I feel less eye discomfort and fatigue even when i work on a computer all day. I highly recommend this product.