Are your fish oils sustainable?

With Earth Day right around the corner, you may be thinking a bit more about the environment. Are the products you're using environmentally friendly? Are the products sourced in a way that's sustainable? With fish oils we have to wonder if the oil we are taking is polluted. Are we going to run out of fish?

The fish oil market has boomed the last few years as more and more consumers become aware of the many benefits of boosting our omega-3 levels. But are we over-fishing in the process? Are we harming the planet? The good news is you can relax. Most of the fish that are used in fish oil supplements are small fish, and small fish reproduce quickly, making them highly sustainable.

Sardines, mackerel, and anchovies are in plentiful supply, and the catch is closely monitored to be sure we are not over-fishing. Artic cod is in plentiful supply as well, so Cod Liver Oil that comes from Norway is a conscientious choice.

The Environmental Defense Fund states that for consumers with ecological concerns fish oils are a responsible choice. You can look for the logos of groups that police ecological fishing, such as Marine Stewardship Council and Friend of the Sea on fish oil labels. Fish oil labels should also tell you what fish are used for that product.

As brands become more tuned into the environment, they commit to using low-impact fisheries in nations that closely monitor the waters and environment to ensure sustainability. Sustainability means that the fish populations are easily and quickly replenished to ensure the fish will be available for future generations. Brands like Carlson make sure that every part of the fish not used for oil is used for human and animal food so that nothing is wasted.

Carson fish oils are purified without chemicals and tested to be sure the oils are pure, fresh, and free of harmful levels of contaminants. Look for the IFOS logo, and check the IFOS website for the actual testing information. IFOS is the International Fish Oil Standards program, the gold standard for fish oil testing.

One more thing, Carlson received the "#1 Rated Omega-3 Products" award from in America for 2019. I feel better about my health and the health of the planet using Carlson omega-3 products.