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Mineral supplements can be important for our health, especially if we don’t eat a well-balanced diet. In order to stay healthy, our body needs certain trace minerals and macrominerals (electrolytes). They’re responsible for keeping our heart, brain, bones, and muscles working properly and are important for enzyme and hormone production.

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Calcium is important for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Cal-600 provides 600 mg of calcium from calcium carbonate per soft gel.


$15.90 - $29.90
Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth Important for blood and tissue processes Provides 600 mg of calcium per soft gel Free of vitamin D3 and phosphorus Potency and quality guaranteed Calcium is important for strong, healthy bones and teeth. It...
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Carlson for Kids Chewable Calcium provides 250 mg of calcium in a tasty vanilla tablet to support strong, healthy bones.

Kid's Chewable Calcium

$12.90 - $23.50
Helps maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth Provides 250 mg of calcium from calcium citrate Natural vanilla flavored chewable Potency and quality guaranteed *This product does not ship to California due to Prop 65* Calcium is necessary for...
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Magnesium Gels provide 400 mg of magnesium per soft gel, which supports healthy blood vessels and promotes healthy muscle function.

Magnesium Gels

$14.90 - $29.90
Promotes cardiovascular system health Supports healthy muscle function Helps promote and maintain healthy bowel function Helps with the utilization of calcium and potassium Potency and quality guaranteed Although we don't hear much about...
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Magnesium Soft Chews in delicious natural berries and creme flavor are made with magnesium citrate, a form of magnesium that's easily absorbed, gentle, and effective.

Magnesium Soft Chews

Promotes calmness and muscle relaxation Supports cardiovascular health Promotes strong teeth and bones 125 mg of magnesium in a single berries and creme flavored vegetarian soft chew Potency and quality guaranteed Magnesium plays an important...
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It's important that we get enough zinc to replenish what our body has used, so it can continue working toward optimal health.


$9.90 - $17.50
Supports healthy immune system function Provides antioxidant power Important for skin health 15 mg of zinc from zinc gluconate per tablet Potency and quality guaranteed Zinc plays an important role in the production of immune cells. When our...
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