Energy Support

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Key features

  • Supports cellular energy and cardiovascular health

  • Promotes healthy, graceful aging

  • CoQH (ubiquinol) is the active, more powerful antioxidant form of CoQ10

  • Specially manufactured to prevent the oxidation of CoQH to CoQ10

  • Lab tested for potency and quality

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Health benefits

  • Checkmark Energy Production
  • Checkmark Heart Health
  • Checkmark Antioxidant


CoQH (ubiquinol) is the reduced antioxidant form of the powerful metabolic compound CoQ10 (coenzme Q10 / ubiquinone). It offers the same benefits of CoQ10 but with heightened absorption and activity, resulting in higher active CoQH concentrations in the blood. It's a great option for those of us over 50 whose bodies may not adequately perform the natural ubiquinone to ubiquinol reduction process necessary for proper CoQ10 function. CoQH also plays an important role in healthy, graceful aging.



Adults: take one soft gel daily at mealtime. Do not chew.
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The company began in Founder Susan Carlson’s small Chicago apartment and today has grown to offer more than 300 vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, kids’ products, and other nutritional supplements. Carlson is proud to still be family-owned and female-led by Susan’s two daughters.

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For every Carlson product purchased, we’ll remove the same amount of plastic from our waterways .

The full Carlson product line is 100% plastic neutral. Carlson offsets the plastic in our products through investments in certified plastic removal projects taking place in our global waterways. To date, we’ve helped remove more than 1/4 million pounds of plastic, which is then recycled or upcycled. Look for the Reduced Plastic seal on Carlson products, and please recycle your bottle.

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