Which is Best: Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil?

I visit dozens of natural food stores and pharmacies every year and attend a number of conferences and trade shows. I’m always asked, which is best: cod liver oil or fish oil. It’s a great question. Here are my thoughts…

Cod liver oil and fish oil are both great sources of omega-3s. Here’s the difference – cod liver oil also provides vitamins A and D3. This is the main distinction between the two. So what’s best for your family? I ask three questions.

  1. Do you and your family already take vitamins A and D3? You may be getting them through a multivitamin or take them separately. If so, you may not need additional A and D3, so fish oil will suffice.
  2. How is your health during the winter months – are you resilient? I ask this because vitamins A and D3 support respiratory health in colder months. Cod liver oil helps ensure you’re getting the A and D3 your body needs.
  3. How is your vision at night? If the glare from headlights bothers you when you drive, cod liver oil may be your best bet. Vitamin A is known to support healthy vision and to help the eyes adapt to light changes.