​Tips for a Fresh Start to a Healthier Lifestyle

If you feel like many of us right now, it’s time for a fresh start and a healthier lifestyle. A total transformation may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be drastic. Taking a few simple steps toward healthier habits can greatly improve our overall health. Start small, and add one at a time.

Walk for 20 Minutes Each Day
Walking – especially outdoors – offers many health benefits. We can get a dose of vitamin D, boost our feelings of happiness, and get some much needed exercise. Head out for a leisurely weekend hike, take a stroll on your lunch break, or walk through a local park.
Eat Vegetables with Every Meal
Vegetables are jam packed with important nutrients that provide many essential health benefits – plus, they taste great. Sneak some spinach into a morning smoothie, add mushrooms into a breakfast omelet, have a fresh spinach salad for lunch, and roast some Brussels sprouts for dinner.
Make Time for Good Sleep
There’s nothing like waking up after a long, restful sleep, but many of us struggle to clock enough sleeping hours each day. It’s important we make a healthy bedtime part of our routine. And it’s even more important that we stick to it and avoid screen time before bed.
Count our Blessings
Being thankful for the little things is an important part of feeling happy and mentally healthy. We can help train our mind to focus on the positives. Each day, try to set aside a few minutes to reflect on the good from the day and any key takeaways.
Prep and Pack Healthy Snacks
When we’re in a rush or are seriously hungry, we reach for whatever is the most convenient. Prep some healthy grab-and-go snacks. If we’re heading out for the day, we can pack healthy snacks to take along with us. This makes it easy to curb our cravings. Try some raw nuts, a hard-boiled egg, or a piece of fresh fruit.
Drink Water Before Coffee
Many of us wake up and reach for a cup of coffee, but coffee can be dehydrating. Try having a glass of water first thing – luke warm with a squeeze of lemon is even better. And it will help maintain fluid balance within our body.
Avoid Being in a Rush
Rushing around is one of the quickest ways to get stressed out. We can maintain a calmer, relaxed state by waking up early enough in the morning to get where we need to be on time and by allowing plenty of time between appointments.
Be Present when Eating
Are we hungry or just bored? Mindlessly overeating is something we do way too often. We can fix this by eating slower, taking smaller bites, putting our fork down occasionally, and drinking water during our meal. Avoiding overeating is important for a healthy weight and overall wellness.
Unplug when Possible
A digital detox can have a powerful impact on our health and mind. Take a break from social media, or set boundaries. Unplug every Sunday, or turn off devices by a certain time each night. It’s important we enjoy what’s happening right in front of us also.