​The Importance of Omega-3s for Women’s Health

We hear a lot about omega-3s, the healthy fats mainly found in cold-water fish. Many women wonder why these fats in particular are so good for us, especially if we’ve been avoiding other fats for years. Here are a few reasons.
Scientists are discovering that omega-3 fatty acids can have a positive impact on our cardiovascular system, joint health, cognitive function, vision health, and more. They are even beneficial for breast, bone, and mood health. The bottom line is omega-3s work wonders for women and are beneficial for every cell and system in our body. 
Let's start with women in their reproductive years. Research shows a link between increased menstrual pain and high omega-6 concentrations, which occurs when omega-3 intake is too low. Menstrual cramps are present when cell membranes release omega-6s, which then produce pro-inflammatory, pain-promoting eicosanoids.
Omega-3s can also be beneficial for carrying babies to term. When women increase their omega-3 intake, the risk of pre-term birth is significantly reduced. The omega-3 DHA also plays an important role in baby's brain, vision, and nervous system health and development. It also promotes brain, vision, and mood health in moms.
Omega-3s are also beneficial for women during menopause. Hormonal changes, especially the drop in estrogen can lead to a variety of health concerns. Omega-3s can promote healthy, normal inflammation levels, can help with some of the side effects of menopause, and can help modulate neurotransmitter function. A diet naturally high in omega-3s may be one of the reasons why Japanese women, whose diets are rich in fish and seaweed, have fewer menopausal issues than American women.
Omega-3s may also be beneficial for bone strength. Normal bone is constantly being broken down (resorbed) and rebuilt. When the rate of resorption exceeds that of formation, bone mass can be affected. Derivatives of omega-6 can contribute to this, but increasing omega-3 levels can assist with rebuilding strong, healthy bones. 
Mood and memory can also be an issue as we age. The omega-3 EPA is beneficial for supporting brain health and cognitive function. I also plays a role in promoting a healthy mood and a more positive outlook. EPA is also beneficial for helping to maintain healthy triglyceride levels already within the normal range.
Any way we look at it, omega-3s are a beneficial nutrient for women's health at every age, and they're easy to incorporate into our diet. Carlson offers omega-3s as soft gels, mini soft gels, and award-winning liquids, which taste so good, they can be taken directly off the spoon. Or they can be added to smoothies, yogurt, dips, and more.