The Difference Between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil

What’s the difference, and when is one of the other the right one to take?
Fish oil and cod liver oil are both great sources of the beneficial omega-3s EPA and DHA. The difference between the two is cod liver oil has the added benefit of having vitamins A and D3 and fish oil does not contain vitamins A and D3. This makes a difference for those who are not taking a multivitamin or any other supplemental source of A or D3.
Vitamins A and D3 support a healthy immune response. Vitamin A is also important for healthy vision, so sometimes older people prefer to take cod liver oil for their eyes. This is particularly true for those who have trouble driving at night due to the glare from headlights. This can be a sign we have low vitamin A levels. Families who want to support immune health when their children go back to school, also often opt for cod liver oil.
For those that are getting enough vitamin A and D3 from their diet or another supplement will usually want to take fish oil instead of cod liver oil. Another difference is cod liver oil often has more DHA than EPA. Fish oils can be all over the place depending on the type of fish.
Carlson liquid fish oils and cod liver oils have award-winning taste and taste like a fresh lemon, orange, or lemon-lime. They should be refrigerated after opening to ensure long-lasting freshness. Carlson liquid fish oil and cod liver oil can be drizzled over popcorn, a salad, or other foods, or can be taken directly from the spoon. Fish oil and cod liver oil soft gels are also available.